Kat SweetPresentation: Hacking Our Way Into Hacking [Presentation not recorded]


It may seem like everyone in infosec has always been a hacker. However, many of us have come to hacking from other industries, and as we make our way through the infosec community it’s often hard to find others like us. This is a conversation for every hacker who started as a mechanic, a kindergarten teacher, or a gender studies major: let’s talk about where we came from, how we got here, and some of the unique challenges we’ve come across as hackers with “past lives”.


Bio: Kat Sweet is a network security student at Madison Area Technical College. When she’s not hacking for grades (or lulz), you can find her fixing other people’s computers, teaching, and wielding pointy objects (most frequently knitting needles and lockpicks). She got her start in the BSidesLV Proving Ground, and is now active in the infosec community as a member of the CircleCityCon staff. She has an Amateur Radio Extra Class license, and will gladly help you get one too.