Presentation: No encrypted data on this drive; just pictures of my cat

speaker-parker schmittIn today’s world authorities are afraid of cryptography. There is a scary push toward key escrow and other nasty proposals. In terms of privacy though many of us are doing crypto wrong. Most standard cryptosystems are not designed to hide the existence of the encrypted data. Many times people need to keep their data logged but don’t want to be forced to decrypt it. Therefore we need to create a new cryptosystem designed to hide the existence of encrypted data. In this talk we are going to discuss how to store encrypted data hiding its existence and how to make a steganographic transport layer. In addition to privacy if time permits we will also discuss how to use this mechanism for covert channels and AV evasion.


Bio: Parker Schmitt¬†is a serious crypto-nerd. He entered the infosec world originally as a math and physics geek and never looked back. Since he enjoys crypto and is a red-teamer at heart he likes to troll heuristics using cryptography and steganography to clear up misconceptions. He started as a pentester for a financial institution and now is working on what was originally a pet project full-time with NetThunder. He’s also a contributor to Gentoo. Outside of infosec he enjoys flying planes and playing the piano.