Presentation #1: Hypervault Demo [Open Source]


Got any files you don’t want others to see? How do you keep them secure? What if you want to send them to a non-technical friend who doesn’t have gpg installed? Or how would you advise your non-technical friends on how to keep their private files safe? Hypervault is a new web-based file encryption app which solves all of these problems (even for non-techies). This talk will quickly show you how Hypervault works, how to use it, and provide an opportunity for you to ask questions about it (especially if you’re thinking “Crypto in the browser is a bad idea! Matasano Security said so!”).

Presentation #2: HTTP and SSH Tunneling

Tunneling is awesome, and can be useful in a variety of circumstances… such as:
* You want to look at whatever you want on the internet, but are behind a corporate firewall
* You want your internet activity to be private
* You want to be anonymous
* You want to write a program that can communicate back to your server no matter what firewall it is behind.

Speaker: Caleb Madrigal is a software engineer currently working on [Hack] Incident Response software at FireEye. Most of his recent work has been in Python and Javascript (with a bit of C and Bash). Caleb has been interested in security for a while… in high school, he wrote his own (bad) cryptography and steganography software. In college, he did a good bit of “informal pen testing”. And recently, he created Hypervault (a unique file encryption web app). Caleb is also interested in math/ai/ml/data science (and prefers to work in Jupiter/IPython Notebook). Caleb has spoken at OSCON a couple times, and Barcamp a few times. Caleb is also an unaccomplished poet.