Media Rights and Responsibilities
CYPHERCON is a private event. As a participant or member of the media, you must be aware of your rights and responsibilities. CYPHERCON is committed to preserving the uniquely creative and private character of its culture. Hackers tend to be passionate about personal privacy and we respect that. To that end, we ask all participants, including members of the media, to exercise and respect certain rights and responsibilities.
Photography/video without explicit permission is forbidden, with the exception of approved “Media Professionals” 
If you wish to use any photo, video, or audio from the event for any use, you must apply and receive a “Media Professional” status for the CYPHERCON event. We offer two types: personal photographer status and a commerical “non-personal” media status. Both require this registration process to protect the privacy and other rights of participants and to prevent commercial exploitation of CYPHERCON.
“Personal Media Status” includes:
Obtain consent of all in the frame.
Content reviewed by CYPHERCON leadership prior to approval
“Commercial Media Status” include:
Publishing photos in a printed or online book, magazine, or newspaper.
Using footage in a professional quality video.
Displaying images on a non-personal website or in a gallery show.
Using imagery in a documentary or TV show.
Distributing media to any third-party group or publication. This includes offering photos for publication, or making any commercial or promotional use of event media.
General rule of thumb for whether a use is non-personal: Is the event imagery being used for financial gain, OR being widely distributed beyond your personal network of friends and family? If either of these is true, you are likely commercial.
To apply for a personal photographer status and a commerical “non-personal” media status, please apply as “Media Professional” by contacting with the following information:
Full Name & Title:
Personal or commerical Status:
Link to articles you’ve written pertaining to computer security/hacking related topics:
Phone number (cell):
Email address:
Failure to abide by these rules may result in the revocation of your press pass, ejection from the property, and/or legal consequences.
If your image violates the privacy or other rights of another participant, you should not display it in any public manner. If you did not pre-register as a professional shooter at the event, you may apply for permission later if you or someone else wishes to make non-personal use of your images. But you must obtain our written permission before the use is made.